True Royalty has nothing to do with bloodlines, material wealth, or controlling other people. True Royalty is born in the heart of one who wishes to be of service to others. Besides the infinite individual definitions of this service, the most essential ones are universal, being: know your self, accept your self and be one with your Divinity. By nurturing these expressions, you cultivate self-love. The more of this love you allow to move through you and out to others, the more you resonate with your Royal nature. When you are holistically nourished, the inner light grows stronger and shines more brightly into the Universe. Raising your own Consciousness is a very productive way to be of service to others.

          Let me be of service to you, by assisting in this promotion of self-love. I encourage you to embrace your Royal identity. All of my healing modalities and treatments are designed to inspire, rejuvenate and harmonize mind, body and soul. As a fully trained and licensed esthetician, I offer a variety of spa treatments and restorative therapies. I only use 100% natural, paraben free and certified organic professional spa products. All treatments are performed with the highest integrity and purest intentions in a licensed and insured tranquil spa setting. I strongly believe that financial station should not stop one who seeks my services, and thus I offer most menu items on a sliding scale basis. Please explore my web site and when you feel ready, schedule your spa day. All facials include a free expert skin care consultation and one free spa product!
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